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Dear Families,

Happy Holidays!

Winter Concert

Tomorrow is our Winter Concert! Students are only doing one show, at 11:00 a.m. in the auditorium.


This week spell-a-thon information went home. The spell-a-thon is a PTA fundraiser for the school and is wonderful, but optional, thing to do. However, all the kids will be tested on the spelling words regardless of their participation in the fundraiser.

Spelling Bee

Next Monday we will choose the class spelling champion! This student will then compete in the school spelling bee in January…and hopefully beyond!

Theatre of all Possibilities

On Wednesday December 14 students from Room 223 will put on a show with the Theatre of All Possibilities. Students will get their assignments on Monday. Minimal preparation is required. Most of the preparation is done the day of the program. Students will perform twice, once at 10:00 and again at 11:00.

Holiday Potluck

Hopefully you received information from Jenny Chu about our Holiday Potluck on December 15. Please sign up if you are able to contribute a dish or help out with serving or clean up. I look forward to seeing some family members there! In case you need it, follow this link to the Google Spreadsheet sign up.

December Birthday Celebration

Our December Birthday celebration will be on December 12. If your child has a December birthday, please consider sending a treat. Remember that we have students with nut and milk allergies.

January Field Trip to USS Pampanito

Although we will not be doing the Balclutha overnight, we will be spending some time aboard a ship. On January 19th we will visit the USS Pampanito at Hyde Street Pier. This program does have a fee, but due to our fundraising, the feel will be greatly reduced. More information will be coming soon about this program, but you can check out the Maritime Association Website now.

What’s Happening in Class?

Language Arts

Have you noticed we’ve started a class novel? Students are reading an historical fiction book called Blood on the River. This is a story about Sam, a young boy who journeys to the New World in 1607 to be a part of the founding the first permanent English Colony in North America. We are working on understanding theme, analyzing the writing style, using quotes to provide evidence for our thinking, and more!

We are also working on reading and writing informative pieces. Students have already published one piece on Tackk. I’ve started to put links to these pieces on the Student Work Page.


Students are working to understand the Periodic Table, especially all the metals.  They have been busy preparing for a writing assignment on the Periodic Table while coming up with experiments we can do to discover more about metals.


Every student was able to get their first draft of the Explorer essay completed! Yea! This week we’re working on improving these essays. I’m very pleased with the effort of students and hope they can continue this work ethic. As we wrap up the Explorers unit students will be compiling all their work into a nice portfolio to display for you. Finally, students are working to connect food and history by studying a food from either the old world or the new world and describing its history and nutrition information.


Students are working on a few concepts right now. They are working on adding fractions with unlike denominators. Students are also working on multiplying decimal numbers. Wow!


All 5th grade students are studying nutrition at the moment. In my class students will be working in groups to present a topic. They are also working to get some general understanding of nutrition by reading and answering questions using links on my health page. We’ve begun collecting nutrition fact labels so that we can do some activities with them.

Class Needs

If you are able to contribute, we could use more pencils, dry erase markers, and paper towels. Thank you!


Mr. Drum

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