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Mr. Drum’s Class Newsletter November 6


Dear Families,

Happy November! It's only appropriate that I extend my thanks to some wonderful people who have been of help to our class recently. Thank you to Jenny Chu, Jayden Ma's mom, for organizing the Jello sale at the Autumn Carnival. We sold out and raised over $350 for the class. The money may be used to offset the costs of a new and special field trip we're planning in the spring. And of course, thank you to all the jell-o makers!

This past Wednesday, Gabi's family, Summer and Chuy, came in to tell the class about Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), and decorate sugar skulls with the class. Everyone had blast and we had a thoughtful discussion about remembering people who have passed. Thank you Gabi, Summer, and Chuy!

Another thanks to Dave Martin for giving up his time and energy to join us at the Nature Bridge field trip. He was a big help, and, as I'm sure you heard, the kids had a great time. Please check their Nature Bridge reflections on Google Classroom to see all the science they learned.


Parent Teacher Conferences

I meant to send home the Parent Teacher Conference confirmation on Friday but the pile remained on my desk. However, you can see your time by clicking the link below. I didn't receive all the forms, but I placed everyone in a spot. Please let me know if you need to change.
November Conferences

Birthday in the Park

We will celebrate November Birthdays on Monday November 21 at 10:30. Please let me know if you can join us.

What's happening in class?


Language Arts

We've finished up narrative writing and reading and moved on to reading and writing informational text. Students are working with history materials to begin with for their lessons on reading informational text. Some students did not do so well with narrative writing so we'll revisit it later in the year. We'll also revisit the reading of fictional texts later in the year.


Students just finished up a unit on decimals and did a district test to demonstrate their knowledge. Students have another district test on Monday, on the computer. Our next two units are about adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.

History and Social Studies

This week we'll do some election studies so that students know a little more about the process. We're also in the midst of studying Explorers. There isn't time to assess this unit, so the history grade will be based on their Native American unit. The main source of this grade is the compare and contrast essay. Since I haven't printed them yet, there's still time to double check that they are ready for grading. I also decided not to do a states and capitals test this trimester.


Students are studying Chemical Readctions! Last week they did a series of experiments and have begun to plan a few more. They are trying to figure out how to prove that a gas is formed during one of our chemical reactions.

Moving clocks back to standard time

Did you remember to fall back? We don't want any students showing up an hour early tomorrow.


Mr. Drum

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