Unit 3: Jamestown and Plymouth

The Jamestown Colony in Virginia

The Jamestown Colony, founded in 1607, was the first British Colony to succeed in what is now the United States.

This map shows the route the vessels took on their way to Virginia.

The Jamestown fort was triangular in shape and had a wooden palisade.

The settlement was on the James River, which fed into the Chesapeake Bay.

Jamestown Timeline of Events
Jamestown and Plymouth Vocabulary

Question 1

Who was the first strong leader of Jamestown?

Question 2

Who paid for the Jamestown Colony?

Question 3

What year was the Jamestown colony founded?

The Saints in Massachusetts

The first colony in New England was founded by the Pilgrims, also known as Saints and Separatists, who left England to find religious freedom.

Go Social Studies Go! The Plymouth Colony
Lear to Talk Like a Pilgrim

History Standards


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