Class Novel: Blood on the River

What’s this book about?
Samuel Collier, a rough and tough young orphan, becomes the page of Captain John Smith as they head for the New World. Brought up in poor conditions and street-smart, Samuel has to learn to control his anger and to use his head instead of his fists. During the journey on the ship the Susan Constant, Samuel begins his lessons in determining right from wrong. Through interactions with other boys his age, as well as key figures such as Captain John Smith, Reverend Hunt, and Master Wingfield, Samuel encounters conflict and discovers ways to avoid it. His first contacts with the native peoples in the Caribbean and in the New World further teach Samuel about different perspectives and about the value of culture. Survival in the new colony tests Samuel as he evaluates these life lessons and learns to make choices using his heart instead of his fists. – Book Description from Elisa Carbone's Website,

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