Mathematical Reasoning

Mathematical Reasoning Standards

Mathematical Reasoning1.0
Students make decisions about how to approach problems:
Analyze problems by identifying relationships, distinguishing relevant from
irrelevant information, sequencing and prioritizing information, and observing
Determine when and how to break a problem into simpler parts.
Students use strategies, skills, and concepts in finding solutions:

Use estimation to verify the reasonableness of calculated results.
Apply strategies and results from simpler problems to more complex problems.
Use a variety of methods, such as words, numbers, symbols, charts, graphs, tables,
diagrams, and models, to explain mathematical reasoning.
Express the solution clearly and logically by using the appropriate mathematical
notation and terms and clear language; support solutions with evidence in both
verbal and symbolic work.
Indicate the relative advantages of exact and approximate solutions to problems
and give answers to a specified degree of accuracy.
Make precise calculations and check the validity of the results from the context
of the problem.
Students move beyond a particular problem by generalizing to other

Evaluate the reasonableness of the solution in the context of the original situation.
Note the method of deriving the solution and demonstrate a conceptual understanding
of the derivation by solving similar problems.
Develop generalizations of the results obtained and apply them in other

Strategy of the Week

Check out the video below to learn more about how to use the Guess and Check strategy. Then try the sample problem below.

Guess and Check
Start with a reasonable guess then check to see how close you are.

Guess and Check

Sample Problem

Right-click or ctrl-click this link to download.

4 Athletes ran a race. Their combined time was 106 minutes. Mimi was the fastest. She came in 3 minutes ahead of Angelina. Nicole came in 2 minutes behind Angelina, but 1 minute ahead of Michael. What was the time for each runner?

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