Units 3 and 4: Work with Decimals

Units 3 and 4:Estimation and Computation

In this unit students will learn about:

Adding and Subtracting with Decimals
Multiplying with Whole Numbers and Decimals
Number Stories
Mean, Median, Mode
Math Standards Addressed:
NS.1.1 Estimate, round, and manipulate very large (e.g., millions) and very small (e.g., thousandths) numbers.
Math Standards Addressed:
NS.2.1 Add, subtract, multiply, and divide with decimals; add with negative integers; subtract positive integers from negative integers; and verify the reasonableness of the results.
Math Standards Addressed:
SDAP.1.1 Know the concepts of mean, median, and mode; compute and compare simple examples to show that they may differ.

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