Mixtures and Solutions

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Mixtures Mania

Learn more about different types of mixtures and how to separate them. First, go to this site and answer the questions.
Next, make your book. See the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Mixtures Mania Book

Mixtures Mania

Create a book to show different types of mixtures and how to separate them!

Types of Mixtures: choose all

Suspensions, emulsifications, colloids, solutions, alloys

Separation Techniques: choose at least three

Distillation, filtration, chromatography, floatation, precipitation, condensation

Other Words to Use:

Homogeneous, heterogeneous
How to do it

Create a Book

Fold 5 sheets of white paper in half. Use a half piece of construction paper for your cover. Staple the book together. Decorate your cover after you’ve completed the inside of your book.
Inside Your Book
Each page should focus on a type of mixture. On this page you should include:
• A picture or drawing of the appropriate mixture
• A label (caption) for the picture or drawing
• A paragraph explaining:the type of mixture, a technique to separate the mixture
The first page should be a title page that explains what the book is about.

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